25 Mar 2009

Guna Blueproximity untuk lock laptop..

Sesiapa yg menggunakan linux terutama skali Ubuntu bolehla guna Blueproximity untuk lock laptop..kena digunakan bersama bluetooth device yg lain seperti handphone utk auto lock screen..hehehehe..aku dah cuba dan berjaya..

What is it?
  • BlueProximity is a clever program by Lars Friedrichs that sets up your computer to lock itself when your phone is out of bluetooth range, and unlock itself when it comes close enought again. You can also also make it turn off and on the monitor, music, change msn status and pretty much everything you can imagine.
Why do I want it?
  • Ultimate coolness! Nothing is as super cool as just walking up to your computer and watch it come alive without you doing anything. Ok, it can be argued that this is semi-useful, but we will all do it for the coolness factor
How to do it? {installation}

If you use Hardy or newer, blueproximity is in the repos, so simply install the usual way and jump to setup instructions:

sudo apt-get install blueproximity
If you don't have blueproximity in your reps (older ubuntu than hardy), follow these:

Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install bluez-utils python-gtk2 python-glade2 python-configobj python-bluez

Sumber : Blueproximity
Howto - Ubuntu

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