19 Apr 2011

Best But Simple Seven Stress Relief Techniques

Best but simple seven Stress Relief Techniques you can follow to reduce stress.

1. Take one task at a time and complete it, rather than doing several jobs at a time and failing to do them. Doing the task successfully will give you mental satisfaction reducing tension and stress.

2. Take your time in completing the task. Don't try to create scenarios where you have to stretch yourself for meeting unrealistic deadlines. Do it at your own pace or with in an achievable time frame.

3. The most effective but also neglected Stress Relief Technique is doing some sort of exercise like running, aerobics, weights, etc. anything you like to do which involves physical labor. Exercise will not only keep you physically fit but also mentally agile, as it reduces harmful effects of certain chemicals in the body.

4. They say laughter is the best medicine and it's free too. Laughter helps you to relax and reduce high levels of anxiety. So keep laughing for stress relief.

5. Stress Relief Techniques that you can use to reduce your stress naturally are gardening, walking or simply doing things that you love to do. Natural ambiance will relax your body and mind and provide you with lots of positive energy.

6. Meditation also relieves stress. By meditating you can control your breath, reduce and normalize your heart beat rate, relax your muscles. It helps us to be in harmony with our inner self and as well as outer world.

7. Do something new. This stress relief technique requires you to try out new things or things that you always wanted to but didn't get the time like learning a new sport dancing, driving, etc. Learn cooking and if you know it already then try learning to cook new dishes. Just get away from your routine things.

Sapa tak pernah stress kan. So aku saja mencari-cari terjumpa la beberapa teknik ni.

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